Friday, March 2, 2012

dance dance dance dance.

i wish i could blog regularly i really do haha

Saturday, December 24, 2011

hair cut.

i cut my hair short and i must say i love it!
ive gotten great reviews from the public as well haha. this girl i didnt know whatsoever at the bar last night came up and was like oh mygod yuor hair is really cute. whatevs. #swag.
any who.. this was my inspiration for my hair cut

movie obsession.

the doom generation

dont tell santa i opened my presents early...

i looove my jeffrey campbell lita look a likes!
i also got zese shoes, from steve madden, which are where the lita knock offs are from aswell.
and lastly my boyfriend got me just dance 3 which i canNOT wait to play. i didnt get many things this year but im fine. i got the things i really wanted haha. ive been becoming more and more of a shoe freak but i think i love it haha.
i hate i havent been posting anything at all for aq while. for the longest time, my computer wouldnt let me post. so i guess in a sense, i got my blog back as a christmas present as well haha. i love this blog, its really therapuetic for me to just type about nothing really and get my random thoughts off my mind.
any whoo. im chilling at home with my momma and my boyfriend who is cooking and making margaritas out of my mommas new blender that i got her for xmas. a blender for xmas sounds really bland but she reaally wanted one to make smoothies so.. hahaha.
im already ready for new years eve uuggh the best party night of the whole year. i love it all, the sparklers, dressing up, friends, champagne oomf. ex-cite-ted.

merry christmas eve/christmass!!!

now lets get these new years eve parties started.

Monday, July 4, 2011

red white and blue

happy fourth of july everyone.

i fell in love with my fourth o july weekend.

hope you had as much fun as i did.

a water painting of a scene in the shining. love that movie.

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